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Are you planning to move to Spain?

Enai Relocation helps you to make your move EASY, COMFORTABLE and SAFE. We are specialists in the international mobility of executives to Spain.


We offer you

All the services you need to effectively cover your geographical mobility requirements. From international removals to managing all the documentation necessary for settling in Spain. It does not matter whether you need temporary accommodation or if your move is for a longer period. See our relocation services in Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities.


We assist you with all the formalities involved in the visa application process, in a completely personalised manner. Whether you need to obtain the necessary documentation for just yourself or for your family. We are experts in sworn translation, so we are familiar with every type of procedure for expatriate workers.

Relocation TO SPAIN

We manage all the practical aspects of your move, so that you settle into your new destination easily and quickly. Continued assistance that will allow you to settle comfortably in Spain, whatever country you are from.

Other services

We also take care of other complementary services in the geographical mobility of workers and organisations. Please ask us if you need any help with the creation of a company, have doubts about family law or require advice on real estate law.

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