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How to open a bank account as a foreigner in Spain

Having a bank account is one of the first requirements to be considered by an expatriate worker in Spain or an entrepreneur willing to settle temporarily in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. Finding a trustworthy entity as soon as possible is key to...

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Provisional NIE number for European citizens

The Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) is a unique and non-transferable code that must be obtained by all non-Spanish citizens with economic, professional or social interests in Spain. It is a number that is used in all the procedures carried out by the interested party,...

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How to buy a house in Spain

Acquiring a property is an option increasingly valued by workers who come to Spain to work. In addition to the opportunities currently offered by the real estate market, there is a psychological component of cultural and social immersion that facilitates adaptation....

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Documentation needed to work and live in Spain

Employment-related geographical mobility provides a great opportunity for personal and professional growth that few employees turn down. Discovering the culture of another country and the possibilities offered by a new destination is a unique experience. But a...

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